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  • 10 October 2017 11:40:00
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Syrups, toppings in the Dnieper

Our company presented its products at the colorful air show in the Dnieper. And we can safely say that coffee and lemonades with our syrups were no less popular than aerobatics and model airplanes.
Adult visitors to the show enjoyed tasting the coffee offered with the addition of Chocolate, Caramel, Amaretto, Cognac, Beilis, Hazelnut syrups, discovering new tastes of the famous drink.
Children liked lemonades with the famous tastes of Duchesse, Strawberry, Cranberry, Wild Berry, Mojito. Parents calmly succumbed to their children with drinks consisting of natural products - purified water and high-quality syrup without preservatives and dyes.
We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that most of the cafes and restaurants that fed the audience are already familiar with our syrups and toppings and actively use them for making cocktails, desserts and pastries.
A holiday is always fun, interesting, especially if it takes place in the fresh air, where airplanes fascinate with their beauty and unusual flights, a lot of delicious food and drinks.
But you can always arrange a holiday for your family. Buy a bottle of syrup or topping, make an interesting dessert and invite your friends, have a nice weekend.
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